Introduction to Threadangel

Threadangel is a website where you can:

  • Design sewing patterns in your browser
  • Print your sewing patterns on any standard desktop printer
  • Share your designs with like minded fashion enthusiasts

There is no need to install any software, just sign up and start drawing your sewing patterns. Patterns can be easily printed on any desktop or office printer on regular A4 or letter paper. The larger sizes of many parts of sewing pattern are built up from paper "tiles"  glued together. Special glue marks allows for easy and precise assembly. Use a household glue stick to combine the individual paper sheets to the required size. Finally cut out the actual patterns from the drawings with scissors.

If you need to change your sewing patters, do so in the Threadangel web application and print it again. Threadangel lets you easily change the drawing and revert to previous versions if a version turns out to be unsatisfactory. Use Threadangel as a place to archive your patterns. There is no need to store the sensible tissue paper.

Share your designs with others. By selectively granting access to your designs on Threadangel, others can use it too to make their garments. Profit from modifications to your designs by the growing Threadangel community.